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BM DaypackDescription of a playa survival pack from Alternative Energy Zone
Breathalyzers**NEW** Personal, portable breathalyzers
Bureau of Erotic DiscourseThe Bureau of Erotic Discourse (BED) is a team of volunteers who gather each year at BM to provide information and education regarding rape and sexual assault on the playa.
Dehydration & Heath StrokeInformation on dehydration and heat stroke from the Johns Hopkins
Desert USADesert safety & survival tips
Desert wikiHowwikiHow article about how to survive in the desert
Diversity and Resiliency Training**NEW** Excellent online classes in RIDE topics from the Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso (highly recommended!)
DIY Air Fresheners**NEW** Might just make those mid-afternoon porta-potty trips a bit more bearable.
DIY Camp Toilet**NEW** WikiHow that shows how to build your own potable camping/emergency use toilet.
Dr. Bronner'sDr. Bronner's magic soaps
Dust Storm wikiHowwikiHow article on how to survive a sand or duststorm
Earplugs**NEW** Review of the best earplugs for sleeping from the Sleep Foundation.
First Aid Supplies**NEW** First aid supplies from the Red Cross store. Get what you need and support the ARC mission at the same time.
First-Aid InfoBasic first-aid information from the Mayo Clinic
Food Allergies**NEW** Information on food allergies from the US FDA.
GoGirlFUD for travel and active women
Heat Stroke**NEW** Tips on the symptoms and treatment for heat stroke from webMD.
Hot JugzPortable sport shower (be clean & green)
Hydration Salts**NEW** Story from about rehydration salts. Includes a quick DIY drink mix.
InstaPrivy**NEW** The Most Versatile Restroom Solution... Ever. 7 lbs light for anywhere, anytime use.
Mayday IndustriesComplete line of wholesale disaster preparedness supplies; food, water, first-aid, shelter and more
Narcan**NEW** Available at CVS without an individual prescription nationwide, naloxone, also known as NARCAN®, is a safe and effective antidote to opioid overdoses.
Natural Life**NEW** Bee products that are processed and manufactured to the highest GMP standards in Australia and the world
No RinseWaterless bathing solutions
Nosefish ShowerStep-by-step instructions for building a zero-impact camp shower (from Camp Nosefish)
Piddle Pak**NEW** You can stay in your tent and pretend you are the Red Barron in the middle of a dog fight ;)
Sanitize in the Kitchen**NEW** Keep Your Home and Food Safe: How to Clean, Sanitize, & Disinfect
Serve Safe**NEW** Food handler and alcohol server training online. May not meet state requirements, but makes you more aware if you serve either in your camp.
Toxin Sensors**NEW** Portable,personal carbon monoxide detectors. You never know whose generator you might pass out next to.
Toxin Sensors**NEW** Portable,personal carbon monoxide detectors. You never know whose generator you might pass out next to.
Waterless Clothes Cleaning**NEW** Different methods to clean your clothing without water.
Waterless Haircare**NEW** Waterless solutions for all of your haircare needs.
We Shield**NEW** PPE and other supplies for COVID-19 and just general protection


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