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BM DaypackDescription of a playa survival pack from Alternative Energy Zone
BreathalyzersPersonal, portable breathalyzers
Bureau of Erotic DiscourseThe Bureau of Erotic Discourse (BED) is a team of volunteers who gather each year at BM to provide information and education regarding rape and sexual assault on the playa.
Dehydration & Heath StrokeInformation on dehydration and heat stroke from the Johns Hopkins
Desert USADesert safety & survival tips
Desert wikiHowwikiHow article about how to survive in the desert
Diversity and Resiliency TrainingExcellent online classes in RIDE topics from the Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso (highly recommended!)
DIY Air FreshenersMight just make those mid-afternoon porta-potty trips a bit more bearable.
DIY Camp ToiletWikiHow that shows how to build your own potable camping/emergency use toilet.
Dose**NEW** Organic wellness shots that combine potent ingredients in clinically-researched dosages to functionally support a healthier body everyday (save 15% link)
Dr. Bronner'sDr. Bronner's magic soaps
Dust Storm wikiHowwikiHow article on how to survive a sand or duststorm
EarplugsReview of the best earplugs for sleeping from the Sleep Foundation.
First Aid SuppliesFirst aid supplies from the Red Cross store. Get what you need and support the ARC mission at the same time.
First-Aid InfoBasic first-aid information from the Mayo Clinic
Food AllergiesInformation on food allergies from the US FDA.
GoGirlFUD for travel and active women
Heat StrokeTips on the symptoms and treatment for heat stroke from webMD.
Hot JugzPortable sport shower (be clean & green)
Hydration SaltsStory from about rehydration salts. Includes a quick DIY drink mix.
InstaPrivyThe Most Versatile Restroom Solution... Ever. 7 lbs light for anywhere, anytime use.
Mayday IndustriesComplete line of wholesale disaster preparedness supplies; food, water, first-aid, shelter and more
NarcanAvailable at CVS without an individual prescription nationwide, naloxone, also known as NARCAN®, is a safe and effective antidote to opioid overdoses.
Natural LifeBee products that are processed and manufactured to the highest GMP standards in Australia and the world
No RinseWaterless bathing solutions
Nosefish ShowerStep-by-step instructions for building a zero-impact camp shower (from Camp Nosefish)
Piddle PakYou can stay in your tent and pretend you are the Red Barron in the middle of a dog fight ;)
Sanitize in the KitchenKeep Your Home and Food Safe: How to Clean, Sanitize, & Disinfect
Serve SafeFood handler and alcohol server training online. May not meet state requirements, but makes you more aware if you serve either in your camp.
Toxin SensorsPortable,personal carbon monoxide detectors. You never know whose generator you might pass out next to.
Toxin SensorsPortable,personal carbon monoxide detectors. You never know whose generator you might pass out next to.
Waterless Clothes CleaningDifferent methods to clean your clothing without water.
Waterless HaircareWaterless solutions for all of your haircare needs.
We ShieldPPE and other supplies for COVID-19 and just general protection


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