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Food: Cook-Keep

Bee's WrapReusable, sustainable, compostable food wrap made from cloth soaked in beeswax.
BlackstoneGas griddles and accessories for all of your on-playa cooking needs.
Camp ChefTheir modular cooking systems support a variety of menu options. Outdoor cooking done right for 25+ years.
Canning and PreservingAARP article by Susan Moeller titled: Pickling, Canning, Fermenting: Make Your Garden Bounty Last
Cast Iron GrillThe original hibachi-style charcoal grill is back and better than ever!
Cooking Guide for SoldiersPDF Guide on cooking for soldiers put out by the Army. Good way to think about cooking for your trip to the playa.
Diet RestrictionsGood primer on all of the different food restriction classifications so you can plan your meals appropriately.
FoodSaverYes, like on TV -- vacuum seal your food (and other stuff)
Frigid RigidThe ultimate in ice chests and portable freezers
Gas RerigeratorsUse propane to power your refrigerator or freezer (ie., no noisy generators and cold food!)
Harvest EssentialsSource for juicers, dehydrators, grain mills & more
NomadWeapons-grade grilling made for the pitmaster on-the-move, with a passion for primitive pursuits.
NV Department of HealthIf you plan to serve food or share food, including certain beverages, at Burning Man, you will need a temporary event permit from the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH)
Solar Cookers Intl.Solar Cookers International (SCI) assists communities to use the power of the sun to cook food and pasteurize water for the benefit of people and environments
Store Food SafelyConsumer advice on food safety from the USDA, FDA and CDC
Sun Ovens Intl.Solar ovens for personal use as well as group cooking
USDA Food InfoInformation on refrigeration and food safety from the USDA


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