Food: Keeping

CDC Food InfoFood storage and safety information from the CDC
Dry Ice DirectoryWhere to buy dry ice (may not be up to date)
FDA Food InfoRefrigerator and freezer food storage chart from the FDA
Frigid RigidThe ultimate in ice chests and portable freezers
Gas RerigeratorsUse propane to power your refrigerator or freezer (ie., no noisy generators and cold food!)
howmanydaysagoA little timer you can stick on your food (or other stuff) so you know how long ago you opened the item
Make Dry IceHow to make your own dry ice at home
Penguin Dry IceInformation and locations for Penguin brand dry ice
Propane RefrigeratorsPropane powered refrigerators and freezers
Store Food SafelyConsumer advice on food safety from the USG
USDA Food InfoInformation on refrigeration and food safety from the USDA
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